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DrawSuccess 4 Students offers sponsorship opportunities to companies, groups and foundations interested in supporting a powerful, new and fun program to solve the problems with today’s students. 

Want to become a DrawSuccess 4 Students sponsor?  There are numerous benefits.  Beyond making a difference and enhancing your community image, sponsors can also benefit with recruiting, marketing research and more. 

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Benefits in Being a Sponsor

There are LOTS of benefits in being a DrawSuccess 4 Students Sponsor, including:

  • Make a Difference: by helping students, schools and teachers address challenges and solve their own problems.
  • Build Corporate and/or Brand Imagewith logos and branding on DrawSuccess 4 Students promotional materials with marketing placement in schools, retail locations and websites.  There’s even an opportunity for category exclusivity!
  • Increase Sales: by reaching your target market in their world, and with traffic generators, new product trial and other promotional opportunities.
  • Enhance Community Image: with public relations and media exposure.
  • Improve Employee Recruiting and Retention: by reaching your potential employee base and learning from future employees about what they want and need. 
  • Learn and Share:  with Marketing Research reports on what students are thinking, and wanting, including what they want in an employer, qualities of effective leaders, what bothers them, products they like, – even suggestions for new products and services they’d like to see!
  • And more!