Drawing Out Ideas & Solutions to Change the World!

About Us

DrawSuccess 4 Students is a non-profit venture by the people who developed and brought the DrawSuccess Program to the corporate world. 

DrawSuccess, LLC is a company whose mission is to:




The DrawSuccess Company offers Leadership Training, Team Development and Organizational Transformation Programs which are highly interactive, experiential and transformative and proven to deliver measurable, sustainable results.

"To educate" in Latin means to "draw out."  True to our name, the DrawSuccess Program, Process and Game "draws out" ideas, solutions and the best performance from each participant.

The DrawSuccess Game is the cornerstone of – and the magic behind – the DrawSuccess Programs.  The Game delivers a unique way to engage the left and right brain hemispheres, involve all five learning styles, breakdown barriers, build trust, and stimulate open discussions to generate ideas and solutions for a wide variety of common business and team situations.

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